Prices 2009

Weekend bookings are normally for two nights, and bank holiday bookings are normally for three nights.

Self Catered Accommodation

Group Rate

Groups are charged £15.40 (inc VAT @ 15%) per person per night. To book in advance the group must underake to pay for a minimum of 12 people. We offer discounts for groups staying 3 nights or more (except at Bank Holidays).

Family Rate

The family group rate is £230 per building per night for exclusive use.

Weekly rate for families (Friday-Friday) £1390.

Smaller groups or individuals can sometimes be accommodated at quiet times.

Catered Accommodation

We arrange catering in advance to meet each group's requirements. As a guide, our standard 24 hour catering rate (in addition to accommodation costs) is:

  • £27.00 (inc VAT @ 15%) for adult groups
  • £22.00 (inc VAT @ 15%) for youth groups